Letter from the President


Don LacKamp - 3-11

Greg M. Quarles
President and CEO


Welcome to our website. If you are a bank customer, thank you for your business. If you're not a customer, we'd like to help you become one.

American State Bank & Trust Company is a locally-owned and managed community bank with three primary goals:

1.) To serve our customers through excellent customer service, fair rates and sound banking practices.

2.) To serve our communities through reinvestment and community partnerships, and

3.) To serve our family of shareholders and employees through profitability and growth.

Through the years, and even in the toughest of economies, American State has continued to maintain a strong capital base to ensure the safety and security of its depositors. The bank's record of strength is complimented by its experienced staff - "the A-Team".

Please contact one of our customer service representatives and let us know how we can serve you.

Thank you,


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